Blockchain Reality — Which Applications Are Really Being Used Today?

This blog post is part of a three-part blog article series by Apps with love with a focus on blockchain. The original article was published here.

Pascal Marco Caversaccio
5 min readJul 20, 2020

When you think about blockchain, the first thought that usually pops up is Bitcoin. I have also caught myself doing it. And I am in the blockchain space since 2014 and I have been involved in many different ventures. Of course, this inevitably raises the question of how laymen can think further than just Bitcoin and cryptocurrency speculation.

Well, this is the purpose of that blog post. First, you have to understand that blockchain is much more than just Bitcoin and cryptocurrency speculation. Why is this the case? Well in very simple terms, the blockchain is a decentralised database. A cryptocurrency is therefore only an additional feature of the blockchain. Every product or service that relies on a database in the background can be based on a blockchain per se. However, the question that naturally comes up here is always the following:

Is the benefit of the blockchain technology in line with our product or service offering?

To address this question, every company must be well aware of the values of the blockchain:

  • decentralisation,
  • immutability,



Pascal Marco Caversaccio

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